About Us

sprouse brothers

We are two brothers – Cole and Dylan. This website is a passion project of ours. Last mile technology is something we are very passionate about.

Both Dylan and I ride to work on our electric scooters. I have a Segway ES2 and a Lamborghini hoverboard, Dylan rides a Xiaomi Mi Scooter.

We believe that using electric means of transportation saves us so much time and money. And what’s more – it’s fun.

If more people would realize the benefits of electric scooters and other similar eco-friendly means of transportation, we would have a significantly cleaner environment and happier.

Why Should You Trust Us?

I – Cole, have a degree in electrical engineering from CU Denver College of Engineering and Applied Science

I currently work as a freelance writer for a number of known tech blogs covering topics from electrical toothbrushed to IoT applications.

Dylan works as a purchasing manager for one of the largest retail electronics chains in the US. 

His sole focus is to ensure that the products his company sells are of high quality and exceed consumers’ demands.


Our Top Recommendations

Based on our collective know-how and after having tested and reviewed over 100 electronic scooters and hoverboards, these are our absolute favorites per category:


#1 Electronic Scooter on the Market

#1 Hoverboard on the Market

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.