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Best Electric Bike Under 500 – Top 7 Options

In this article, we will talk about electric bicycles, a means of transport that facilitates many people’s mobility. 

Particularly for its maneuverability and ease of handling when there is traffic congestion, as well as its efficiency in short distances and its low cost compared to a private vehicle.

There are bikes of less than 500 of different qualities, and it is often difficult to choose one to buy. 

This generally occurs when there is no clarity on some aspects such as prices, product description, special features, and the pros and cons of each. 

In addition to other elements such as the transmission or the braking system, power, and autonomy. 

All of the above inspires the realization of this article to help you choose, and you can buy it.

If you are thinking of buying one, here is a list of the 7 best options that will serve as a guide for buying the best electric bike.

Best Electric Bike Under 500 – Top 7 Options

1. SwagCycle EB5 – B07THFR6MM

Amazon.com: SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Ebike plegable de ...

The SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Ebike model is presented as an excellent technical performance folding electric item at a very competitive price, below $500.

This EB5 bike features a light and sturdy aluminum chassis that allows this electric bike to be folded comfortably, and its 37 pounds of weight will make it easy for you to store it in the trunk of your car to go on routes outside the city. In that sense, it is one of the best you can get.

It has a replaceable Lithium battery that provides a range of about 16 miles. While it’s not the longest range on the electric bike market below 500, it’s probably more than enough for occasional use or mountain biking.

This bike is one of the most versatile under-500 bikes you are looking to buy. It can comfortably accommodate multiple body sizes. It can also support up to 264.6 pounds.

Other technical features:

  • 250W engine
  • 1 level of pedal assistance
  • Autoguard brakes
  • 14-inch tires with air, made of high-performance rubber.

These features of the bike will allow you to conquer steep hills up to 30 degrees with ease, thanks to the electric motor’s thrust. 

On steeper slopes, with the engine’s help, you can reach all of them with a little exercise by pedaling.

As a mountain bike, the EB5 has a stopping capacity calibrated with reliable precision, so you will feel safe when riding at fast speeds. 

Its “Autoguard” technology will automatically disengage the engine as soon as you need to activate the brakes.

This bike is equipped with all the elements to be considered an electric bike according to the regulations for electric bikes: 15.5 mph limitation, lights, and bell, which makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a multi-purpose electric bike for use in both the city and the countryside. It is advisable to buy an extra battery as it takes 4-5 hours to turn off.


  • Good value for money.
  • Light and resistant frame.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Good shock absorption
  • Incredibly fun to ride!


  • It has a fixed chain, so there is no adjustable pedal assist.
  • You have to help him pedal up, and it is tough to do so if you turn off the pedal assist, you turn off the ability to use the throttle.

2. Windgoo Folding Electric Bike – B07JLY79RR / Price: US $369.00

Windgoo Electric Scooter 12 inch 36V Folding E-bike with 6.0Ah ...

The Windgoo folding electric bike has a cleverly designed dolphin-shaped bicycle frame, hand shank with a circular arc design, for convenient and easy portable storage. 

It also comes with technical features that make it probably one of the best electric bikes on the market. 

Its minimalist trend design provides a simple but elegant style. It comes with an easily removable battery, built into the heavy-duty aluminum frame. 

It comes with an easily removable battery built into the bike’s heavy-duty aluminum frame. 

This bike is fully foldable, so this is a sturdy urban bike designed for intensive daily use and storage.

Transportable in tight spaces (office, bedroom, lift, metro, etc.) thanks to its reduced dimensions once folded.

It is a powerful electric bicycle as it has a 350-watt electric motor, which will assist you smoothly and progressively with the pedaling up to the maximum speed of 18.6 mph.

Despite being a folding electric bike priced below 500, it comes equipped with brake discs that, when applied, turn on the smart taillight, characteristic of good electric bikes.

Depending on the driver’s weight, this bike’s battery offers a range of up to 15.5 miles per charge, so you can ride comfortably on terrain with inclines of up to 20 degrees while maintaining your selected speed and assistance level.

This bike also has:

  • The LED headlight
  • 12-inch wheels
  • IP54 waterproof level

This equipment lets you extend your workday without worries; it comes equipped to take you home at night. 

Besides the bright LED headlight, it also has a horn for driving at night. Oh, and IP54 ensures safe driving, especially when starting up.


  • Moderate performance and speed.
  • Disk brakes.
  • Adjustable to tall people.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Comfortable to travel
  • Proper lighting for night travel


  • Doesn’t like to climb hills

3. TOEU Foldable Electric Bike – B07XLYPVY6 / Price: US $377.00

This TOEU bike model has very similar characteristics to the one described above, including in the design of the bike frame. 

It is very light, durable, and functional compared to other folding e-bikes in its category. 

It has an unbeatable price according to the technical features it offers, which places it among the best electric bikes under 500. 

This electric bike model comes with a 350-watt motor, which makes it powerful. 

This one with its 36v 6AH lithium-ion battery can take you to a speed of 15.5 mph, and you can go up to 11.2 miles. 

All this will help you to be comfortable pedaling until you reach your maximum speed.

If you are one of those individuals who want to combine their electric bike rides with public transportation, this is the bike that suits that need. 

It is also perfect for those who have to take the folding bike up the elevator or stairs or do not have much space in the office or home.

Depending on the driver’s weight, the battery range of this bike allows you to reach a distance of 11.2 miles per charge. 

This bike is perfect on flat ground so that you can move around comfortably on slopes of less than 20 degrees and at a controlled speed.

It also has:

  • The LED headlight
  • IP54 waterproof level
  • Brake disc.
  • Digital display
  • 12-inch wheel, solid rubber, wear-resistant.

These characteristics make it the right choice, especially for those who live in remote and rainy areas or for those who make night-time trips around town. 

The digital display, the lights, and the solid tires are elements that increase safety in night driving because they allow you to see in low light conditions and be seen without the risk of getting punctured.


  • Disc brakes.
  • Adjustable to tall people.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Comfortable and safe to travel
  • Good lighting for night travel – doesn’t like to climb hills


  • Short-range when traveling at full speed

4. Coyote Connect Folding Electric Bike / Price: $ 388.00


With a top speed of 18.6 miles per hour, you’ll run like a coyote on the ground with this Coyote Connect folding electric bike, one of the best e-bikes.

It is important to know that this electric bicycle is marketed with 250W / 350W / 500W motors, as well as folding and non-folding. 

Therefore it is necessary to verify well at the time of purchase, as this affects the speed and range of the bike with pedal assistance and to acquire the desired.

It has a fast, comfortable, light, and easy to transport folding. It comes in three optional colors: black, silver, and champagne. 

This model Coyote Connect, technically should not be considered an electric bike because it has no pedals, but rather an electric scooter shaped like a bicycle.

However, for those who may be wondering why buy this model and not an electric scooter? 

The first thing to note is that it has a seat, which provides extra comfort when riding, and on the other hand, it has larger wheels than an electric scooter, which can better absorb potholes and provide a more stable and smooth ride.

Depending on the engine (250W/350W/500W), this model with its 36v, 7.8AH lithium-ion battery, and 14-inch wheels will get you where you want to go at a speed of 18.6 mph and achieve a range of 15.5 to 18.6 miles.

This folding e-bike is very lightweight (50.7- 56.22), making it ideal for those individuals who need to combine public transportation with an electric bike. 

Also, for those who have to take the folding bike up the elevator, stairs, or do not have much space in their office or home.

Other features:

  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Braking method: Disc brake on front-wheel + electronic brake on the rear wheel
  • 14-inch non-slip wheels
  • Led lights
  • Buzzer
  • Control box
  • Maximum rise: 20C

These characteristics make it a good buy for an electric bike at this price. It can satisfy the need of those who live in remote areas or make night-time trips around the city.

This is the folding electric item you should get.


  • With a top speed of 18.6 mph, this is one of the fastest electric bikes under 500 on the market.
  • Fantastic shock absorption


  • No pedal.
  • When the battery runs out, you must walk home with it

5. DAPHOME FIIDO D2 E-bike – B07SKP3PSD / Price: Unavailable

DAPHOME FIIDO D2 Ebike, 50W 7.8Ah Folding Electric Bicycle ...

If you were looking for a bike with three modes of operation, well, you found it. 

In this folding e-bike, you can travel in pedal mode if you want to exercise a little and in moped mode and pure electric mode, you choose. 

The truth is that this folding design for bikes under 500 will transport you with the comfort you have longed for.

This DAPHOME FIIDO D2 bike features a lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame that allows this e-bike to fold up comfortably, and its 43-pound weight will make it a little easier for you to store it in the trunk of your car for out of town when you go to visit loved ones.

This electric bike comes with a 7.8 AH lithium-ion battery, 16-inch inflatable rubber tires, and a 250-watt motor that allows it to travel at a speed of 15.5 mph, even on terrain with a 30-degree incline. 

Depending on the model you select, you can reach 18.6 miles in pure electric mode, and if you want to go a little further, about 31.1 miles, you can put it in Moped mode.

Pending! D2 electric bike comes from Poland. So you probably need a European to British adapter. Order yours and they will send it to you for free.

Other features:

  • Charging time: 5 hours.
  • Maximum charge: 264.6 lbs.
  • Input voltage: 100-240 V.
  • 1 charger.
  • LED front light
  • Front-wheel disc brake.
  • Rigid suspension

With these features, it is probably one of the best options with a price below 500. This is ideal for those looking for a powerful electric fat bike with excellent mobility features.


  • Great value for money
  • Smooth driving experience
  • Different driving modes


  • Replaceable parts easy to find – Somewhat heavy.

6. ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike for Adults – BA0828 HBFB / Price: Unavailable

ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike, 250/500W 26 ...

The ANCHEER 2019 mountain bike is an e-bike that offers excellent performance at a very competitive price, making it one of the most popular. 

It comes equipped with a powerful 250-watt brushless motor that powers the rear wheel and allows you to climb steep grades with ease up to 15.5 mph.

This electric mountain bike is a very versatile e-bike. It comes equipped with a robust braking and shifting system. 

It has front and rear brake discs and a 21-speed transmission system, so you can choose any speed to complete your journey effortlessly and comfortably.

The 26-inch reinforced rubber with a double layer of aluminum alloy, the removable 36V/8AH lithium-ion battery, and the brake and shift system will allow you to ride safely for up to 31 miles. That’s because it also comes with a smart lithium-ion battery charger.

Do you know? The structure of this e-bike is 100% aluminum, with the front fork made of high-strength carbon steel, also equipped with premium shock absorbers for comfort and a smart 3-speed speedometer. All this and more make this bike the best you can get for less than 500.

It also has:

  • Bright LED headlight and horn.
  • Buzzer
  • Custom battery design that fits perfectly in the down tube, for charging on or off the frame. The easy charging port system makes it quick to load. New!!
  • Replacement batteries
  • 2 working modes: electric bicycle and assisted bicycle

With all the features, you can ride long distances and make trips in comfort, even at night, if you want to exercise using it in bike-assist mode. 

Besides, the removable battery allows you to charge it without the need to bring the e-bike to an electrical outlet, in case the battery charge runs out.


  • Smooth driving experience
  • Different driving modes
  • 21-speed attendance
  • High engine thrust, excellent for climbing slopes


  • Heavy and difficult to transport

7. NAKTO electric bicycle – B07HN1KZJ7 / Price: Unavailable

NAKTO 26" 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed ...

The last of the electric bikes on the list is NAKTO. It comes with a top speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 31.1 miles. 

It is an ideal electronic bike for those looking for a multi-purpose e-bike, with excellent technical features, and at a very competitive price for electric bikes under 500.

This model comes with 3 operating modes: EV mode/power mode/cycling mode. That gives you the option to choose how your ride will be, to enjoy it, without pedaling, or you can select the PAS model. It also has a smart meter with 3-speed buttons.

The frame of this NAKTO model is of high strength carbon steel for quick folding and easy storage. You can keep it in a minimum of storage space and store it easily in any vehicle.

For moving this structure has a powerful lithium battery removable 36 V and 10 AH. 

It is equipped with high-quality 6 speed “SHIMANO” rear gears and also equipped with an intelligent lithium battery charger that allows you to drive up to 15.5 – 31.1 miles. 

It also has an easy charging port set, which you can use to charge it by removing it from the frame.

It also has:

  • front v-brake, rear expansion brake + heavy-duty alloy brake lever.
  • A bright LED headlamp
  • 20-inch double-ply aluminum alloy wheel with heavy-duty tire.
  • Bell.


  • 6 speeds of assistance
  • Short charging time
  • Rear carrier
  • USB port for charging devices


  • Very heavy

The Verdict

To select a good bike, you need to establish fundamental criteria that will allow you to evaluate what you want before buying your e-bike.

The best electric bikes under 500: The verdict

  • Although the 7 electric bikes presented have their charisma and offer a performance capable of justifying their price and advantages, we selected Windgoo folding electric bike for our top choice. 
  • In the second place, in addition to the price, for its design and benefits, the electric folding bike Coyote Connect.

In this article, we use criteria such as type of use, motor power, autonomy, wheel size, assistance levels, and load capacity to select your top choice. 

When determining which means the works for you, ask yourself what your needs are and then search within the range of e-bikes for the one that suits them.