The 10 Best Hoverboards for Kids

A hoverboard is a vehicle made of a long narrow board with two wheels at the end of the board. It is also known as a self balancing scooter. A hoverboard is powered by battery and electricity, the rider does not need to pedal it for it to move.

It is made up of a gyroscope that enables the board remain balance. It has a microprocessor that enables the board to control the output power to the wheels. Battery, mainly lithium ion battery, is its source of power. It also has a motor that turns the wheels using power from the battery.

The fun hoverboards gives the rider makes it popular among children. For instance, for you to accelerate you just need to lean forward and lean backward for it to stop. Isn’t this fun? It is easy for kids to use them, this makes them popular since kids hardly love grappling with complex stuff. Kids also get very exicted as they spin in circles when riding the hoverboard.

Kids and many young people love playing balancing game using self-balancing scooters. They compete on who is best in balancing. This is very
enjoyable for these young ones.

Before you buy a hoverboard for your kids you should consider a number of factors which we will discuss in this article. In a nutshell, these factors include; quality, cool look and price.

In this article we will look at specific hoverboard makes, their pros and cons and their main parameters which include; maximum speed, wheel size, maximum load and range.

#1 Swagtron Swagboard Elite Hoverboard – Bluetooth Speaker & Lights, Personalize Experience w/Android/iOS App

This is a very powerful hoverboard. It can be used by kids and adults. It has Ios/Android connectivity and a Bluetooth speaker that is inbuilt. The speeds of Swagtron Swagboard Elite Hoverboard are amazing, 12 kph and can cover 17.7 km in a single battery charge. You need not to worry about whether this board can support your kid’s weight. The hoverboard supports up to 99 kilograms. You can be sure that your kid will enjoy a smooth ride on this hoverboard.


  • Entertainment; it has a Bluetooth speaker that is built inside the hoverboard. This enables you to play music from your phone or computer so long as your device has connectivity. This makes your ride enjoyable.
  • Safety and durability; you are protected from scuffs by the rubber bumps on the hoverboard and the outer casing. This outer casing also makes the vehicle durable.
  • Visibility; it has LED lights installed on the machine. This increases your visibility which is very important especially at night and foggy mornings.
  • Learner-friendly; for beginners, this hoverboard has a learning mode which enables the beginner kid have easy and quick learning.
  • Batteries with long life; you can ride for 19 kilometers with a single charge.
  • Portability; this hoverboard comes with a swagbag. Your kids can comfortably carry their ride when they are not using it. This can be at school or places where hoverboards are not allowed.
  • Ability to withstand heavy weight; a weight of up to 190.5 Kilograms does not affect the speed of the vehicle. Most hoverboards have capacity below 113.4 Kilograms.


  • Limited to use on a smooth road; rough terrains give your hoverboard scratches making it look old and worn out than it actually is.
  • Potential injuries; your kid can get severe injuries for using the hoverboard incorrectly. This injury can be as a result of falling, colliding with their friends when competing or when spinning as they show off their expertise.
  • Less affordable; this hoverboard has unique features which make it have a fairly high price.
  • Limited availability; because of the high price, most shops do not put it in their stock, you may need to order directly from the manufacturer.
  • Limited to days that are not rainy; just like any other hoverboard, you cannot use a Swagtron Swagboard Elite Hoverboard on a rainy day because it does not provide a covering on your body to you from being rained on.

#2 PTX Performance Products USA Sharper Image UL Certified Hoverboard – Matte Black

This hoverboard is one of the safest boards to allow your kid use because it has passed the test on electrical and fire safety test. You can have peace of mind when your kid is moving around with it. There are a variety of colors this include; glossy white, matte black and metallic silver.


  • Rechargeable batteries; you need not to worry about going back to the shop to buy new batteries after the charge on batteries is finished because you can recharge them. This also makes the hoverboard eco-friendly.
  • The vehicle has an inbuilt electric device that enables you to remain standing upright as you move.
  • Learner-friendly; it has slower turns which give beginners smooth learning moments. If you are a learner, you press the power button twice. Experts need to press the button once.
  • The vehicle’s AC charger is certified. It has passed an electrical test and fire-safety tests. This gives you peace of mind as your kid uses to move around and for playing games.


  • Exploding potential; the hoverboard uses batteries. These batteries can overheat and burst into flames.
  • Your driving range is limited to 23.9 kilometers.
  • Limited weight; It has a limited weight of 99 kilograms. If you have a heavy bag on your shoulder, you cannot use this vehicle.

#3 TOMOLOO Hoverboards Smart Scooter Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Light – Black Hover Board UL2272 Certified Battery Protection

This hoverboard is typically a toy. It is fairly cheap. It is powered by only one motor 300W. The recommended speed for a child between 10
to 15 years is 16.09 kph and a maximum of 12 km for a single battery charge. It has a tire that is 6.5 inches tall. The deck is only 0.8 inches off the floor, this gives a good balance. You will definitely have your music with you as you move on this vehicle because it has an inbuilt
Bluetooth connected speakers. To use this hoverboard, you must be below 100 kilograms. I doubt your kid weighs above 100 kilograms.


  • Rechargeable batteries; the hoverboard uses rechargeable batteries. This makes it have a lower maintenance cost because you need not to keep going back to the shop to get new batteries. The batteries take between 2 to 3 hours to recharge. This is fast compared to other batteries which take up to 5 hours to recharge.
  • Children’s safety; the turning circle of the vehicle is not very responsive compared to other hoverboards. This makes it safe for children because they will not spin in circles.
  • LED lights increase visibility; the frame across the front of the board is fitted with LED light, this makes the vehicle visible. The light can be set from the mobile phone. Kids have fun when setting different light patterns for their hoverboard.
  • Firm wheel; the chassis of the vehicles are reinforced and the wheels are made firm by an aluminum frame. The internal parts have been tested and it complies with the US regulations (UL22772).
  • Fun safe rides in dark places; it has eight board lights whose color and effects can be adjusted to have different patterns. This is what makes kids love this hoverboard.


  • Explosion potential; this hoverboard use lithium ion battery. This can overheat and burst into flames.
  • Limited fun; the turning circle of this vehicle is not responsive; this makes children not have fun spinning in circles.
  • Vibration in slow mode; when the vehicle is in slow mode it vibrates more than when it is on a higher speed. This is ironic because it should vibrate more when on a higher speed.
  • Limited to smooth paths; the good performance of this vehicle is limited to smooth paths. Any rock, however small it is makes the ride rough and less enjoyable.

#4 NHT Hoverboard – All Terrain Rugged 8.5 Inch Wheels Off-Road Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker LED Lights

This is a vehicle for all terrains. It has a solid rubber that is 6.5 inches off road. It has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker with connectivity to mobile phones and laptops. It uses large-capacity lithium ion battery with 36 volts per 400mAh. The maximum load it can carry is 120 kilograms and a minimum load of 20 kilograms. It has a speed of 10km/h and a run-time of 20 kilometers.


  • Safety certified; the hoverboard meets the high set standards for charging and electrical performance. There are minimal chances of it exploding.
  • Environmental friendly; the lithium ion battery used are environmental friendly, they have zero emissions.
  • All-terrain use; the hoverboard can be used for all terrains.
  • Entertainment; you can enjoy music as you enjoy your ride because it has an inbuilt Bluetooth that enables you to play music from your phone or laptop so long as it has Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Explosion potential; lithium ion battery can explode when overheated. This can result to death of the rider and destruction of property.
  • Limited to adults; a minimum weight of 20 kg limits the vehicle to use by adults.
  • Enhanced visibility; the LED lights make the vehicle visible, this reduces chances of collision with other riders. A motorist coming from the front side and behind can see hoverboard.

#5 Mars One AlienBoard UL2272 Certified Bluetooth Alpha Hoverboard with LED Light

This vehicle has 8.5-inch off-road wheel which enables it to have a smooth riding on most surfaces. It has motors of 700w and has a maximum speed of 15km/h. Mars One AlienBoard has variety of colors; camo, black, white and red.


  • Color options; your kid can choose a color that is appealing to them. This makes them have an attachment with their hoverboard.
  • Enhanced night safety; it has LED lights at the front and at the back. This makes it safer touse at night. You can customize the LED lights on the hoverboard.
  • Entertainment;the hoverboard has an inbuilt Bluetooth that can be used through an app. This allows you to ride as you enjoy music from your mobile phone or laptop as you ride so long as the device from which you are playing songs has internet connectivity.
  • Waterproof charging port; you need not to worry when it starts raining when you are out there enjoying your ride. This is one of the outstanding features of this hoverboard.
  • Safety standards; the vehicle meets the high UL safety standards.


  • Less affordable; to buy the vehicle you need around $ 378.00 unless there is an offer.
  • Less learning friendly; this vehicle lacks a learning mode for beginners.
  • Less enjoyable in rough terrains; you enjoy your ride on Mars One AlienBoard more on smooth paths. If you happen to ride it on rough paths, the hoverboard gets scratches and its life reduced.

#6 AlienBoard UL2272 Certified Hoverboard Batwings with Bluetooth, Samsung Cell Battery and LED Lights

It has 4 LED lights and an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. The batwings frame has a central axis that is1.54 inch thick, a pedal frame that is 0.2 inches thick. The vehicle is firm as it uses thick aluminum alloy frame. It has 4 sensor boards. It uses a motor with 105 iron cores which further make it stable.


  • Front and back LEDs; this makes it safer to ride on it at night or during foggy mornings.
  • Entertainment; it has an in-built Bluetooth which enables you to listen to music from your mobile phone enabling you enjoy the ride the more.
  • Long distance; it has a runtime of 19km.
  • Enhanced safety; it uses Samsung cell battery which meets UL safety requirement. This reduces the chances of an explosion.
  • It has a printed circuit board that has more layers; this makes it firm.
  • It does not vibrate even on high-speed mode because of the 4 sensor boards on the batwing.


  • Less affordable; the hoverboard costs around $379 unless there is an offer.
  • Heavy to carry; it has a self-weight of 10 kilograms.
  • Explosion potential; it uses lithium battery which has the potential to explode when heated up.

#7 6.5″ inch Chrome Hoverboard Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter With Built-In Bluetooth Speaker LED Wheels and LED Side Lights

It has a speed of 15km/h, dual motors of 250w and has a self-balancing technology. It also has rubber tires which are 6.5 inches. It has a variety of colors; black, blue, gold, purple, pink and green.


  • Affordability; the hoverboard is sold at around $128 and much lower when there is an offer.
  • Learner-friendly; to operate it you need to make one simple touch. This enables learners to learn how to use it quickly and easily.
  • Safety certified; the batteries and charging system has been tested and certified.
  • Fun and drawing attention; this is because the wheels have LED which flash especially at night.
  • Entertainment; it has an in-built Bluetooth speaker which can be connected to devices such as mobile phones and computers so long as they have Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Limited use; this hoverboard can only be used by adults. Children under 12 years can only use it when under supervision by an adult.
  • Long charger hours; the batteries are charged for 3 to 5 hours. On average batteries for hoverboards are charged between 2 to 3 hours.
  • Relatively low maximum speed; it has a maximum speed of 6 to 10 km/hr. This is not enjoyable for people who love riding on relatively high speed.

#8 MEGAWHEELS Smart Hoverboard – UL Certified Safety Battery, Build-in Bluetooth Speaker & Led Lights Self-Balancing Hover Board

It has a speed of 12km/ and a runtime of 10 km. It has dual 250 W motors. It has an outer casing of various colors; black, blue, carbon, gold, pink, red, silver, and white. It can withstand a maximum weight of 99 kilograms.


  • Affordability; it is sold for around $145.90. This is quite low compared to other hoverboards.
  • Safety; this has been enabled because the vehicle has an anti-fire shell protection which comes in handy in the event the hoverboard explodes. Safety is also enhanced by the self-balancing technology in the vehicle. This reduces chances of your kid falling when they lose balance.
  • Entertainment; it has Bluetooth that is inbuilt with colorful lights. The colorful lights make it enjoyable for kids when riding on it especially at night. This makes it an exciting gift for children
  • Learner-friendly; it takes 5 minutes on average for a kid to learn how to ride the MegaWheels Smart Hoverboard and it is easy to control.
  • Few battery charging hours; it only takes 1.5 to 2hrs to charge your battery


  • Limited speed; if you are riding a less smooth path the speed at which you can ride should be relatively low.
  • Explosion potential; this may happen when the batteries are overheated. It lacks an anti-fire protection mechanism.
  • Potential injury; this is because this ride is all about self-balancing yourself.

#9 SURFUS Junior 4.5″ Waterproof Hoverboard Matte UL 2272 Certified Self-Balancing Scooter LED Lights

It has a speed of 4km/h and covers 9.9 kilometers in a single battery charge. It has a bright blue LED headlights and battery indicators to show the level of charge. It also has a non-skid footpad which makes your kids feet have a firm grip on the board.


  • Portable; the machine has a lightweight shell. This makes it easy to carry when you get to a place that you do not need to use it.
  • Affordable; it is sold at around $99. This is way too low compared with other hoverboards in the market.
  • Safety; to reduce the chances of an explosion caused by overheating of batteries, this hoverboard has an inbuilt technology to ensure that that battery has a cooler battery charge.
  • Easily take corners; this is enabled by the non-skid footpad which enables your feet to have a solid grip to the board.


  • Potential injury; if you happen to lose self-balance as you make the fancy moves, you may fall down injuring yourself.
  • Limited to smooth surfaces; this hoverboard cannot ride on a rough surface.
  • Limited to charged batteries; in the event you forget to charge your batteries, too bad, you cannot use your hoverboard.

#10 GOTRAX Hoverfly XL All Terrain Hover Board 8.5″ Solid Rubber Tire – UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Off Road Hoverboard

It has a speed of 11.9 kph and a dual motor of 350 W. You can go for 19.3 kilometers on a single charge. It also has rugged off-road tires of 8.5 inches that can move on any form of terrain. It has LED lights which ensure other riders and motorists see the hoverboard even at night. The colors available are: black, blue, galaxy, green, pink, purple and red.


  • All-terrain; you can use this hoverboard on both smooth and rough paths.
  • Safety; the hoverboard is electric certified. The batteries and charging systems meet the UL 2272 standards. Your kid is more likely to come back home safely.
  • Variety of colors; your kid has the chance to pick the color that excites them.
  • Durability; this is enhanced by a firm exterior frame and heavy aluminum hubs.
  • Learner-friendly; it has a training mode feature developed just for your beginner kid.


  • High price; this hoverboard is sold at an average of $229. This is very high compared to other hoverboards sold for as low as $99.
  • Availability; you are not likely to find it readily available in stores. You may have to book and wait to be shipped. This can take long and may not address your immediate travel or entertainment need.
  • Limited speeds in some areas; hoverboard riding speed is limited in some cities where the authorities demand that they be ridden at low speed. You may not enjoy the exciting high speeds that this vehicle is capable of moving at.


Riding a hoverboard is fun. Consider surprising your kids with hoverboards as gifts on their birthdays or in the Christmas holidays.

Out of the ten hoverboards reviewed in this article and many others available in the market, the three I find slightly better are;

  1. Swagtron Swagboard Elite Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker & Lights, Personalized Experience w/Android/iOS App,
  2. PTX Performance Products USA Sharper Image UL Certified Hoverboard – Matte Black and
  3. TOMOLOO Hoverboards Smart Scooter Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Light – Black Hover Board UL2272 Certified Battery Protection.

This is because they are durable; this is enhanced by their outer casing. They are also learner friendly, for instance, if your kid is learner, you just press the power button twice and you have them ride. The light colors and effect on the TOMOLOO hoverboards can be adjusted, making it more enjoyable for kids. Finally, they are fun to ride and safe as well. The turning circle is not very responsive limiting spinning which can be very at times very dangerous.

Additional information regarding hoverboards

Other decent hoverboards include:

Halo Rover board; this is best when used by adults because of its large size. It weighs 14.5 kgs. Your kid can struggle in carrying this
when they get to restricted areas.

Veeko hoveboard, which is awesome if you want high speeds, it has a maximum speed of 15.4 kph. Its speed reduces if the user exceeds the
recommended weight.

Razor Hovertrax, this is best if you want your kids to be on low speed. It has a maximum speed of 9.9 kph.

Eyourlife hoverboard, characterized by a resistant polymer frame though it cannot rough terrain and heavier riders

Hoverboards have great potential to cause injury if used by someone who does not know how to use it. You need to practice using a hoverboard before you can actually use it to move to the place you want. You do not want to break your bones when using a hoverboard. You need to put on safety gears which include; a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and a tailbone protector.

The age suitable for your kids to start using hoverboards is 8 years. However, you need to consider the laws of the country you are in before buying your kid a hoverboard. In California, a rider must be at least 16 years old for them to ride a hoverboard.

To increase the durability of your hoverboard, you can fit a bumper protection. This protects it from being broken by obstacles along the

Put a smile on your kids by buying them hoverboards as presents in their next birthday parties.