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Top 5 Cheap Electric Scooters That Offer Good Value for Money

In modern day urban landscape that is busy with people and full of traffic, taking the public transport or even driving to work has gradually become more and more cumbrous. This therefore calls for a new approach, one that will save on transport cost, reduce environmental pollution and solve the traffic problem. Wait, don’t we already have …

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Segway ES2 Review

This great electric scooter for commuters is a creation by Ninebot by Segway. The company has created two electric scooters the ES1 and ES2 models. The two scooters look almost the same but the ES2 has some added features and is more powerful than ES1. Both of the electric scooters have an additional battery that …

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Segway ES1 Review

Segway ES1 is a very unique vehicle and it catches the eye as soon as you see it on the road. There’s something whimsical and yet practical about its design and features, which is the main reason behind the ES1’s worldwide popularity.  This vehicle is considered by many to be an ideal alternative to cars …

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