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Cheap Electric Scooters for Kids – Top 5 Options

It wasn’t too long ago when kids were buzzing around the neighborhood with their kick scooters. Their daily parade was so classy that no one stopped to notice the difficult time they were having just to get their scooters to move at a reasonable pace.

Well, kick scooters were the rave of the moment in those days so it is easy to forgive the fact that everyone overlooked this glaring defect that these rollers had.

Nowadays, however, things are a lot different. In fact, you’d have to be living under a rock for you to think you can impress anyone with a kick scooter. This isn’t because kick scooters are totally bad, it’s more about the emergence of their electric versions.

Electric scooters run on batteries and do not need you to constantly glide them to move. Sweet, right? You’d have to agree with me that electric scooters are now a common toy in most homes. Kids and surprisingly, adults can’t seem to get enough of their new means of mobility.

Now every child wants an electric scooter, and their parents seem to want the same too. As you already know, when the demand for an item surpasses its supply, the price tends to go up. Consequently, a cheap electric scooter for kids is now a rarity.

This is why we have decided to put up this review. You are probably reading this because you are in search of the most low cost scooters you can acquire for yourself or your child. So let’s save the details and get straight to the business. Here are our top 5 cheap electric scooters for kids.

Let’s start off with a comparison table. We have highlighted the bestseller in green and the best choice in our opinion in red.

Speed (mph)
Run time (minutes)
Max weight (lbs)
Check price
Pulse GRT-11
50 min
Check price
Razor E200
12 MPH
40 min
Check price
Razor Power Core E90
10 MPH
80 min
Check price
Maxtra E100
12 MPH
60 min
Check price
Razor E100
10 MPH
40 min
Check price

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1. Pulse GRT-11 Electric Scooter

To set the ball rolling here is the least expensive electric scooter on our list. Don’t be deceived, the relatively cheap price does not in any way suggest that it lacks quality. In fact, if you fall into the category of parents who desire quality at a reasonable price, then you should certainly go for this scooter.

The Pulse GRT-11 offers you the services of a top quality electric scooter without costing a fortune. 

It starts with minimum fuss and runs for an extended period of time before needing a recharge.

It also has a functional brake system that wouldn’t fail you even at top speed.

Main features



Despite these few shortcomings the Pulse GRT-11 offers great value for money  and your child will be thrilled you made the decision to buy it.

2. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Let’s take it a step higher with the Razor E200 Electric Scooter. When it comes to electric scooters, the Razor brand can boast to be one of the earliest companies on the market. 

They launched their first product way back as early as 2003 when other known scooter companies today were just starting out.

Judging by its design, the Razor E200 is made for older kids. If your child is approaching 10, buying this electric scooter is a total no-brainer.

Yes, it’s a little expensive when compared to the Pulse GRT-11, but sometimes you just have to pay a little extra for quality.

The Razor E200 is designed for classic and more experienced riders, so you may want to be sure of your kid’s level before you make the purchase.

Main features



This electric scooter will be better suited for kids who are 10 or above.

3. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

On our third place is another impressive product by Razor. The Razor Power Core E90 is the first of its kind in the company’s line of hub motor models. 

They are superior models of electric scooters that give your kids additional torque and riding distance which the previous chain-driven models couldn’t provide.

When it comes to performance and endurance, the E90 ranks high up there with the very best electric scooters. 

Your kids are sure to have an amazing riding experience if you decide to go for this one.

You can also expect the E90 to cover a distance up to 15 miles depending on your child’s weight thanks to its top speed of 10 mph and 100% improved riding distance.

Main features



The Razor Power Core E90 is certainly one of the very few cheap electric scooters for kids within age of 5 to 10 that you can find, and judging by its features, its price is a bargain.

4. Maxtra E100 Electric Scooter

If you have a thing for flashy designs and impressive color combinations on your gadgets, this electric scooter may not be for you. 

However, what it lacks in terms of beauty, it makes up for in quality, performance and ride time.

The Maxtra E100 offers quality and high performance you may not find in some other expensive and sleekly designed electric scooters. It is foldable and features an adjustable handle which you can set to suit your ever-changing needs for comfort.

What’s more?

It has a rechargeable and replaceable battery and impeccable safety measures that make its price absolutely unbelievable.

The Maxtra E100 is not totally inappropriate for adults but it is certainly well suited for kids aged between 6 and 14.

You can always refer to the details if you require further clarifications.

It’ll be an excellent gift for any child as it is certainly a top product from Maxtra. 

Main features



5. Razor Power E100 Electric Scooter

Another E100, but this time around it is from Razor! You think there is a Razor bias here? Well, you may be right. Our Razor bias, however, is based on all the right reasons. We love the quality of their electric scooters, and the E100 is certainly among the very best especially for kids who are just starting out with riding a scooter.

It is safe, well-built, affordable, and probably the best electric scooters for kids aged 6 to 7, though Razor’s recommended minimum age limit for this model is 8 years. 

We have saved the best for last, especially if you are specifically looking for a cheap electric scooter for kids.

It is an entry-level scooter for kids with little or no experience when it comes to scooter riding. This means that it has features that you will normally not find on most electric scooters but it is the right fit for kids that are just starting out with scooters.

The motor does not engage until top speed is about 3 mph. Experienced kids may find this feature a little annoying but it is perfect for others who are just getting to know their new and fun electric scooter. This feature allows them to get used to riding a scooter without having to worry a lot about brake systems and throttle.

Top speed when the E100 is fully running can hit up to 10 mph. Not exactly a top speed you would expect but it is a plus for kids who are just starting out with scooter riding. The deck or standing frame as most will like to call it is large enough to accommodate both feet in case the rider wants to stand completely on the scooter.

The E100 has its single-speed twist-grip throttle and front brakes attached to the handlebars for the convenience of inexperienced riders.

Main features



Since the quality of this scooter is pretty obvious and it allows your kids to learn the basics of riding a scooter, the price is definitely fair and understandable.


All products mentioned in our list above are of good quality and will certainly serve you well if do decide to settle for any of them. However, your final choice should be made based on your preferences or factors that will suit the child who will be the final customer.

The Pulse GRT-11 Electric Scooter has a little bit for everyone but mainly kids aged 8 and above will find it thrilling and extremely fun to play with. Adults who are comfortable with the design can also take it for a spin.

The Razor E200 is designed for older and more experienced riders, so you may want to choose this if you are an adult looking to get a scooter for occasional spins or for kids who have a lot of experience with scooters.

Razor Power Core E90, on the other hand, offers value at a relatively cheap price. It should be your pick if what you are looking to buy is a cheap electric scooter for kids between the age of 5 and 10. Your kids will certainly love this because of its aesthetics and user-friendly features.

The Maxtra E100 is more of a rugged electric scooter than the sleekly designed one that you can show off to friends. It is a perfect choice if you looking for a scooter that can take hits. Adults and older kids will find it quite handy and useful thanks to its superior quality.

Razor E100 electric scooter is a tricky one. It is a perfect fit for kids who are just starting out with scooter riding. If you are looking for a quality gift for a 7-year-old kid, the E100 is an amazing choice to make.

Having said all that, our overall best electric scooter will be the Mantra E100. It has superior quality, though without great aesthetics, but it definitely represents an electric scooter that can last for a very long time and still deliver top quality performance.

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