How to Junk a Car: A Guide on the Key Steps to Take

Yearly in the United States, almost 95% of cars that are at the end of their life are processed and recycled. If you’re ready to junk a car, you are also putting it to good use for the future. However, knowing when to scrap a car is more difficult than people realize.

Use this guide to learn about how you can junk a car the right way.

Contact Local Junk Car Buyers

There are a lot of buyers out there who will give you cash for junk cars. Your local junkyards are easily the first places you can look at. Here is where you’ll get an idea of how much money you can get if you are thinking, ‘I need to junk my car.’

Give them an honest review of your car that includes the make, model, and any damages. The more detailed the information you provide, the better. Don’t expect a certain price to keep yourself from being disappointed in the offer.

Check for Licenses

If you are thinking, ‘I want to junk my car’, but don’t feel like putting in any real effort, think again. You need to ensure you are selling even a junk car to a legitimate and licensed buyer.

You can ask to see these licenses in person or look for online verification. Don’t be tempted to junk a car to the highest bidder because this can lead to financial and legal issues.

You also need to check that the buyer is using a certified scale. Weight scales can be tampered with so that you get less money than what your car is worth. This is important for those selling a junk car to someone whose prices are based on weight.

Remove Valuable Parts

You want to get as much money as possible for your junk car. However, valuable components can be taken out and sold separately for a higher price.

Consider anything in your junk car that could be sold easily for some quick cash. This could include things like the alternator, starter, entertainment system, and more.

Even check the wheels and the battery. You can replace good tires with old ones that will still get you money for your junk car.

Remove License Plates

If you are wondering when to junk a car, you need to do so after the license plates are removed. Yes, they need to be removed even though the car will be junked.

To junk a car, you will need to cancel the title. Often, the DMV will ask for the plates when you go to cancel the title. This is a legal requirement in some states.

Cancel Car Insurance

You can cancel the insurance before you have to make recurring payments on a policy that has not expired. If you paid for full coverage ahead of time, you can get a full refund. Notify your carrier even if the coverage is almost up.

You’re Ready to Junk a Car

By following these tips, you are ready to junk a car. Be sure to get everything done correctly to ensure you don’t have to deal with any penalties. Junk your car and get some cash today!

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