kick scooter for heavy adults

Kick Scooter for Heavy Adults

Kick scooters are quickly becoming a revolutionary new way to get from A to B and many adults are choosing it as their go-to method of transport. 

With the increased popularity of scooters, people on the heavier side may be wondering if there is an option for them available. 

We are happy to tell you, there is!

With such an extensive range of scooters available, we have narrowed down our selection to only the best on the market. 

Read on to explore some of the best scooters for heavier adults available today!

What is a Kick Scooter?

They are scooters that require the rider to propel themselves by kicking their foot off the ground to gain momentum. 

They provide a means of transport and are also a great way to exercise and get fit. 

Can They Support Heavy Weight?

Although many people think of scooters as toys for children, they are now being made for grown-ups too, with models being made to support any weight group. 

What Should You Look for When Buying an Adult Kick Scooter?

When buying, you should look for a quality manufactured model that has a deck size and wheel diameter to best support your weight. 

You should also make sure there is a sound break system for your scooter as some models come without. 

One thing to keep in mind when buying a scooter for a heavier person is the ball bearings. 

These are vital for a smooth ride, and some flimsier options can result in injury to the rider and a broken scooter. 

5 Best Kick Scooters for Heavy Adults

1. Hudora 230 Big Wheel

Amazon Score: 4.3

The Hudora 230 Big Wheel is an excellent choice for those heavier riders looking for a reliable and sturdy scooter. 

Coming with a double kickstand and foldable handlebars, making this scooter is very compact when in storage or while on public transport. 

The frame is made from high-level aluminum, giving it a sturdier feel than most models available. 

The Hudora 230 is brilliantly manufactured and all bearings are made from high precision ABEC5 chrome. The beautiful white paint gives this scooter a very elegant design. 

According to the Amazon reviews, this scooter comes with many great features and only a few minor cons. 


  • The Hudora has an extremely sturdy frame that supports heavier weights. 
  • The scooter is very lightweight and is perfect for carrying on public transport. 
  • Great value for money. 
  • Large wheels make for an incredibly smooth ride. 


  • The narrow deck makes it difficult to get both feet on at the same time. 
  • Brake system seems to wear away quicker than some other models. 


The Hudora 230 Big Wheel has a lot to offer the buyer in terms of its sturdy design and smooth riding experience. 

However, the narrow deck and fragile braking system may turn some customers towards an alternative model. 

2. SwiftyONE Mk3 TALL



Amazon Score: 5

The SwiftyONE is an aptly named scooter, and the ergonomic design gives the rider an extremely comfortable journey while the large wheels help add a boost to its speed abilities. 

The scooter is designed to fold away to an easily managed compact size, making it an excellent choice for workers who need something they can store easily. 

The front and rear brake system give the scooter extraordinarily smooth and safe riding experience. 

Perfect for heavier persons, the SwiftyONE MK3 Tall has a weight capacity that can support up to  150 kgs. 

Available in an extensive range of colors, the Swifty is beautifully designed and extremely aesthetically pleasing, making it an excellent option for both performance and style.

Receiving rave reviews from its customers, the Swifty has a few ups and downs. 


  • Innovative design makes this scooter extremely compact and transportable when folded. 
  • The Swifty has a large deck size making it very comfortable to ride. 
  • Extremely durable design makes this scooter excellent for heavier riders. 
  • Adjustable handlebars make it a great scooter to suit all sizes. 


  • A little bit on the pricey side


With only one con, this scooter is an excellent option for heavier riders looking for a reliable and safe to use for that morning commute to work. 

The only downturn is the price point, but to be honest you definitely get value for the money spent. 




Amazon Score: 4.5

The Xootr Mg gets its name from the intelligently designed magnesium coated deck which adds extra grip to the riders’ footing when traveling at breakneck speeds. 

This scooter’s main selling point is its detachable parts, which can be swapped out and replaced quickly.

This is a huge bonus for some heavier users who may find their rides wearing away quicker than usual, and can save you a ton of money compared to buying a whole new scooter. 

With front and back brakes, the XOOTR is extremely easy to handle and can come to a stop in seconds. 

Popular amongst Amazon users, the Xootr Mg has received great reviews from customers. 


  • QuickClick technology tach, which makes the folding mechanism super easy to use. 
  • Wide wheel diameter of 7.2 inches
  • Self-lubricating bearings give the Xootr a fantastic speed boost and smooth ride. 
  • Tig welded handlebars offer extra support for bigger users. 
  • Low resistance design for increased aerodynamics. 


  • No suitable electric kit available to upgrade to. 
  • The high price point 


The Xootr is manufactured with exceptional safety features including the double brake system and CNC milled grip for the deck. 

This scooter is one of the smoothest rides available for heavier users. 

4. MACWHEEL Foldable



Amazon Score: 4.2

This foldable aluminum scooter manufactured by Macwheel is a welcome addition to our list of the best adult kick scooters for those that are heavyweight. 

With a weight capacity of 220lbs, this scooter offers the durability of an adult scooter, with the speed and handling of a scooter you would see your kid playing on.

The dual brake system which includes a disk brake offers the rider ultimate control over their scooter at all times. The adjustable handlebars also make it great for users of any shape or size. 

We’ve waded through the Amazon reviews, and this is what the people had to say about this scooter. 


  • The Macwheels Dual Brake system makes it extremely easy to stop. 
  • The reinforced aluminum alloy frame gives this scooter extra durability for heavier users. 
  • 200mm PU wheels with ABEC 7 bearings, giving it an incredibly smooth ride. 
  • Three adjustable levels make this an excellent option for riders of all sizes. 
  • The Macwheel has a great suspension giving it extra control at high speeds. 


  • Poorly designed disk brake can hit the ankle of the rider while scooting. 
  • The lock mechanism is quite fragile. 


Although this scooter is cleverly designed and has some fantastic features, we feel the manufacturers didn’t think through some of their additions, such as the poor placement of the disk brake which although poorly placed, provides vital deceleration when going downhill. 

5. Schwinn Shuffle



The Schwinn shuffle takes the classic scooter design, sets it on fire, and throws it out of the window for good measure. The innovative design gives this scooter a vintage bicycle appearance which will turn heads as you whizz by. 

The Schwinn Shuffle may look great, but does it ride well?

The answer is YES! With both wheels using standard bike tires, the Schwinn Shuffle is an extremely comfortable riding experience and this scooter can reach some pretty hair raising speeds. 

The front and rear fenders will also help fend off debris while you scoot, which is pretty unique in its own right. 

For those with larger feet, the Schwinn offers a very spacious deck that has a very stable grip for high-speed control. 


  • Extremely sturdy design can support weight up to 250 lbs. 
  • The Schwinn Shuffle is extremely easy to assemble and doesn’t require technical knowledge.
  • Dual brakes make stopping the scooter effortless. 
  • The fresh design gives the Schwinn Shuffle a vintage bike look. 


  • The deck is slightly higher compared to some models, making it harder to propel yourself. 
  • The scooter bearings tend to give way easily under constant use. 


The Schwinn Shuffle is one of the best adult scooters available on the market. Its sturdy frame makes it ideal for bigger people, and the vintage design makes it an extremely enjoyable scooter to own. 

The Bottomline: Which One Should You Buy?



We’ve covered all the bases in what we think makes these scooters the best choice for bigger adults. 

With a wide selection for riders of all sizes, there’s a scooter on this list that will be perfect for anyone on the heavier side. 

We know you want to know which scooter we think is the best on this list, so we will not keep you in any more suspense. 

And the winner is… 

The SwiftyONE mk3 Tall. 

The SwiftyONE has everything one could ask for when choosing a scooter to buy, with its sleek design, flawless manufacturing and just about manageable price point. 

We feel that this scooter has everything to offer to adults, making it the clear winner today. 

We hope you enjoyed our list, make sure to come back and check out our other reviews of some great products you never even knew you loved.