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Long Range Electric Scooter – Top 5 Products

Whizzing around on an electric scooter has always looked cool. Nowadays, electric scooters have become a major transportation game changer.

With speeds of up to 25 mph, it’s hard to deny yourself the thought of trying out one. You will quickly get addicted to the vibe, they are quite easy to ride and assemble.

The crazy thought of clocking the streets at 25 mph on a scooter gives you more than enough reason to want one.

But still, you don’t want to get a scooter you can’t handle around corners just because it’s too heavy, or a scooter that can’t get you to your destination.

Let’s start off with a comparison table listing our selection of long range electric scooters​. We have highlighted the bestseller in green and the best choice in our opinion in red.

1. Glion Dolly Commuter Electric Scooter

The Glion Dolly was designed specifically for the commuter market. It is an electric scooter with the ability to be folded and pulled around like a suitcase. It can tackle urban areas with little or no effort, making it perfect for daily life.

It’s lightweight nature makes it easy to transport and use. It’s great for easy commuting or just for having fun.


Foldable by nature, this lightweight scooter offers a remarkable 3.25 hours nonstop running time. Its battery pack is one of the biggest in the market, packing about 18650 cells and a voltage of 36v.

It offers a crazy 15 miles on a single charge and has a remarkably fast charging time. It also comes with an 8-inch honeycomb and never flat rubber tires that offer you a smooth ride while keeping you comfortable at the same time.

A battery pointer on the handlebar enables you to keep track of your battery life. You don’t want to run out of battery juice without knowing, the manufacturers made sure that this would never happen.

It comes with controls that are simple, easy to use and implement. Its foldable nature allows it to be moved from place to place like a bag, and it can easily stand on its own in a storage area. You can actually fold it and take it with you to almost anywhere you want.

It comes with a 250-watt electric motor and is extremely quiet in nature, which is another great advantage.

Anti-lock brakes on this scooter require almost near zero maintenance. The speed is pretty amazing too, with the scooter able to do 15 mph, you can quickly coast along the town and fascinate everyone around you.




The Glion electric scooter is a fantastic build that makes commuting rather enjoyable. The pros massively outweigh the cons, it is not entirely perfect but if you can live with it then you’ll be in for a treat.

It is super versatile and uniquely comfortable and easy to use, making it our favorite long range electric scooter on the market.

2. The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

This scooter is the ideal way of bouncing into the electric world without having to spend a fortune. The Razor power core E90 offers a great deal of fun for kids, at the same time providing safety and comfort.

Razor is considered the number one manufacturer of electric scooters, so 

you are most likely on the right track when choosing Razor.


It offers 80 minutes nonstop running time, speeds of up to 10 mph and a kick-start motor that is powered by a single 12v battery. It is fast enough to have fun but not too fast for safety. (Here’s a list of the fastest e-scooters on the market).

The E90 has an incredible battery life for a low cost, making it very affordable. Its ability to run for 5 miles offers more than enough runtime for your kids to fully utilize it. The weight stands at about 21 pounds making it light enough for your smaller kids to carry around, and use around the neighborhood.

A retractable kickstand permits simple off and on for the go riders while at the same time it offers an easy way of storing in an upright position.

The E90 works by using a push button that is mounted on the right-hand grip, which provides a much different user experience compared to the traditional motorcycle style twist throttle on the hand grip.

It comes with a hand operated front brake, which is a huge improvement from the traditional footbrake. You will be able to use it much like any other expensive model or traditional bike.




The E90 is really affordable for an entry-level electric scooter with such a long-range battery pack. 80 minutes running time offer more than just enough time for your kids to exploit. The new handbrake feature makes it even more efficient and safe.

Overall the scooter is really good, long lasting, and efficient.

3. Dongchuan Large Electric Scooter

Being one of the best electric scooters for adults, the Dongchuan electric scooter is ideal for people with mobility issues, or for people who desire to move around town in style.

Its high-end features make it highly competitive, and as a result, it easily beats other competitors in the market.


The Dongchuan comes with a powerful electric motor that gets you up to 15 miles with a single charge and a fast recharge time of about 3-8 hours and has a top speed of about 15 mph. This is way better than many other scooters.

It is fairly silent and comfortable to use, the scooter will still have your back even on bumpy roads. The Dongchuan has 10-inch rear and front tires that really eat up the road, enabling it to cope well with the off-road terrain. And the seat is supported by a shock absorber!

You will find it incredibly comfortable due to its large board which allows you to place your two feet on it while cruising around.

The scooter is very well built and strong. Depending on the weight capacity you choose, this scooter can handle a cool 220 to 300 pounds. It comes with an adjustable handlebar which enables you to adjust it according to your height.

You can easily fold away the seat when it’s not in use, and with an adjustable handlebar, the scooter can easily fit in your car boot.

An LCD screen on the handlebar displays your speed, distance traveled, and battery life in a clear and understandable manner. It also comes with a one year warranty.




The Dongchuan meets the expectations of most people, backing up the fact that it is one of the best electric scooters for adults.

4. The Razor E200 Electric Scooter

This ideal scooter gets the job done without much fanciness. It is increasingly popular due to its high performance and durability. The Razor E200 model was launched by Razor between its E100 and E300 models.

It is ideal for kids aged between 13 and 15 years.

The price definitely makes it stand out, it is about a half or a third of many scooters in the market.


The E200 has a removable seat, you can choose to switch between standing and sitting. It has a rechargeable battery that powers the scooter for about 40 minutes nonstop, with top speeds of up to 12 mph, and a recharging time of 12 hours.

This makes it perfect for short distances, and for children who want to glide across the town while having fun.

It can accommodate the weight of up to 150 pounds, with a full-sized frame and deck for comfort. The E200 is equipped with a padded seat, 8-inch pneumatic tires with soft rubber grips that ensure smooth movement and keep the scooter from skidding.

Controls are located on the handlebar, you can twist the handlebar to accelerate and apply brakes. The kickstand is spring-loaded.

The scooter can be easily lifted and carried to camps, beach vacations or the lakeside.

The Razor E200 is made to accommodate even the most inexperienced riders. With its speeds it is fast enough for you to enjoy but not too fast to avoid putting you in a hazardous situation. In other words, it is really safe.




The Razor E200 electric scooter is an ideal choice for those who want to ride while being seated. You are assured of safety, comfort, and durability. This makes it an ideal long-term scooter for your kids to use and enjoy.

5. Cellot Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

This scooter definitely stands out from the rest. It has an attractive look that will definitely get you to notice it.

It is exceptionally lightweight and very compact, making it easy and simple to carry around. The carbon fiber exterior also adds to its strength and durability.


The Cellot electric scooter only weighs 14 lbs. It can be easily folded and carried along.

Featuring an LG lithium-ion battery, it has a lifespan of 20 miles with a single charge, and a top speed of 25 miles per hour!

It is a very solid build that backs up to 220 pounds on a thin casing. Furthermore, it features an electronic braking system that allows recharging while braking.

The handle is equipped with an LCD screen to keep you updated about the battery life and speed. Acceleration is smooth and quiet due to Cellot’s field oriented control technology.

The Cellot carbon fiber electric scooter also features a battery management system that takes care of avoiding overcharging and prevents further battery issues.

It has an exceptional engine that provides both power and speed, two qualities that will get you crazy. It is clearly a performer compared to others in the market.

Lights are fitted at the front making evening rides safer.

It comes in three colors, black, white, and hot pink.




The scooter combines a solid foundation and high-end technology. It boasts a vast number of features including a smart LCD screen. It is ideal for both adults and teenagers.

Other advantages include portability and the ability to support a lot of weight. Combined with its amazing speeds it makes it a great electric scooter to choose.

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