segway's top products

Segway’s Top Selling Products

Thinking about the purchase of a new personal scooter? 

Considering Segway because they are the most prolific product out there, but you want to make sure you get the best scooter on the market? This article is here to help. 

We will discuss the pros and cons of Segway’s top-selling products to help you be sure you get the best personal scooter for you. 

What follows is a brief overview of who Segway is as a company, the pros and cons of their top five personal scooters, features, and pricing! 

So, read on and get up to speed on the best selling electric scooters! 

Who is Segway?

We have all probably seen police officers or security personnel on Segway i2 SE but that wasn’t always the case. 

Back in 1991, Dean Kamen founded Segway with the idea that he was going to fundamentally transform personal transportation. 

Now, twenty years later there is no question that the company has had a profound impact on how people work and play all across the world with their new and innovative transportation ideas.

In the last twenty years, the company has gone from electric, battery-operated scooters to a plethora of other gadgets. 

Business channels extend from professional to enterprise-level as well as consumer lines, which we will cover in just a moment. 

All that means is that the company simply has the best products, the best electric scooters, the best battery technology, and the best overall products on the market today.

The 5 Best Scooters from Segway

1. Segway ES1

The Segway ES1 is the classic electric scooter design but in a new package. Black, rubberized deck with large 8-inch wheels. 

Hand controls, electronic readout, and both foot and electronic braking make the ES1 a top of the line battery-operated scooter that is very affordable. 

When considering any new purchase, make sure to check this one out as a solid base-line.

Price: $439.00

ES1 Pros

  • No chain or engine
  • Built-in front LED light
  • Front shock absorption
  • Water-resistant construction
  • 15.5-mile range
  • Light-weight design
  • Cheapest of the line

ES1 Cons

  • Lowest power output of the line
  • Battery capacity lower than other models
  • Lowest incline capable at 10Â
  • Short-range at 15.5 miles

2. Segway ES2

The ES2 scooter from Segway is another in the classic scooter look. Grey in color, it features many of the same features, looks and feels of the ES1 that came before, but with upgrades.

Faster charging time, higher nominal and max power output, greater visibility as well as a choice of either grey or silver colors, the ES2 is a marked improvement over the original ES1.

Price: $589.00

ES2 Pros

  • Low weight at 27lbs
  • Fast charging time at 2.5 hours
  • Low price
  • Front and rear shock absorption
  • Rear and side safety lights
  • Choice of colors

ES2 Cons

  • Low range at 15.5 miles
  • Low battery capacity at 187-watt hours
  • Lowest incline capable at 10”

3. Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max

The Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max is truly the max in the scooter world. 

Max speed, range, battery life, this scooter has it all. From the larger battery to the larger wheels to make it run longer and smoother, the Ninebot KickScooter Max is maximum in every way. 

Segway used all their innovation and know-how to create the best scooter in the consumer line and it shows.

Price: $799.00

Ninebot KickScooter Max Pros

  • Longest range at 40.4 miles
  • Largest battery capacity at 551-watt hours
  • Highest max speed at 18.6 miles per hour
  • Steepest incline capable at 20Â
  • 10-inch wheels

Ninebot KickScooter Max Cons

  • Most expensive of the line at $799.00
  • Heaviest unit at 41.2lbs
  • Long charging time at 7 hours

4. Segway Ninebot Z10

This offering from Segway introduces innovation and is anything but traditional. 

Gone is the traditional scooter, and in its place is a single wheel platform that is both smooth riding and capable of going wherever the rider needs to go. 

This offering from Segway style meets function to provide the most versatile and unique transportation system around.

Price: $2199.00

Ninebot Z10 Pros

  • 28 miles per hour max speed
  • Powerful 1800 watt motor
  • Range of up to 56 miles on a charge
  • Self-balancing gyroscopic control
  • Paved and off-road capable
  • 18-inch pneumatic tires
  • Maximum 25Â incline or decline

Ninebot Z10 Cons

  • Learning curve for unicycle riding
  • Heavy at 52.9 lbs
  • Long charge time at 10.5 hours
  • Nowhere to put hands for balance

5. Segway i2 SE

The iconic Segway i2 SE is the best known, and most innovative of the consumer line offered by the company. 

This scooter is maneuverable, desirable, easy to operate, and versatile. With tons of features and options as well as add ons why wouldn’t someone want to own this vehicle?

Price: $6124.00

Segway i2 SE Pros

  • Secure using the Infokey controller
  • LeanSteer Technology makes this easy to learn how to operate
  • Dynamic stabilization makes it safe to ride
  • Small footprint lets it park everywhere
  • Handlebars for both hands and stability
  • Wide variety of accessories to customize however the rider wishes

Segway i2 SE Cons

  • Expensive 
  • Lower max speed at 12.5 miles per hour
  • Low range at 24 miles

In Summary… 

The five vehicles reviewed in this article offer solutions for travel to almost everyone. Segway is clearly the leader in battery-operated, electric scooters and other vehicles. 

The ES1, ES2, and MAX scooters offer a more traditional mode of travel while the Z10 represents a statement of style and ability. 

Finally, the iconic i2 SE presents the image of what Segway as a company has come to be known for: innovative, personal travel.

Our Favorite Pick

While all the offerings from Segway are great choices, only one can earn the best recommendation. 

While the i2 SE is a fantastic and easy to manage vehicle, the price to entry is just too high. For the Z10, the learning curve for a unicycle is steep for those who haven’t ever ridden one before. 

Both the ES1 and ES2 are excellent entry selections on a budget, but the Ninebot KickScooter MAX is definitely one of the best. 

The Ninebot KickScooter MAX has that classic scooter look, it also has the new updated, larger size tires for smoothing out the road. 

The MAX also benefits from all the development and learning that went into the design, production, and use of the ES line. 

The improved battery, braking, shock absorption, and range are topnotch. While the price isn’t the cheapest, it is certainly in the affordable range. 

In today’s world, you get what you pay for, and with the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX, you get maximum value, maximum quality, and maximum fun for your buck.

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