sharper image hoverboard review

Sharper Image Hoverboard Review

Welcome to the exciting world of hoverboards

A hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter with two wheels, powered with batteries. It is a portable device to move a person from one place to the other, which is often considered a modern and stylish manner of going places. 

Much like a skateboard, It is a type of mobility device which is able to propel itself. It provides a small platform for the rider to stand, typically situated between the two wheels and has big lithium-ion batteries as a source of power. 

Why Should You Travel With A Hoverboard? 

It is a quick mode of transportation to go across the street or go around in a big office campus. But there are far more serious benefits of using hoverboards as a mode of transportation. 

Since they work on rechargeable batteries, they are environment-friendly. You are not using the non-renewable resources of energy. 

There will not be any harmful emissions of pollutants. There will be a huge saving in terms of fuel expenses because you don’t need to use any fuel. 

In a Nutshell: Do We Recommend the Sharper Image Hoverboard? 

Hover Board @ Sharper Image

If you know how to ski or skate and ride a bike, then we can definitely recommend the Sharper Image Hoverboard. 

The Sharper image Hoverboards are now available in better and revised features. They now come in a new “Learning Mode” with 100% safety certifications. 

The Hoverboard has got a strong 350 Watt motor. It has large rubber tires and a gyroscope that keeps you upright. 

It is very easy to operate this wonderful machine. After you step on the Hoverboard, you need to shift your weight a little on the forward or backward side, and it starts moving. 

Similarly, you easily learn how to turn left or right or make a 360-degree turn. 

It has a speed of approx 6.2 miles per hour, and you can go up to 14 miles in a single charge.

It is available in two attractive colors and carries a load of 220 pounds. Since it is a hundred percent safe to operate, it gives you full peace of mind. 

With so many excellent features, it is the best alternative to move around for local jobs. It has got everything that you would expect in a hoverboard. Its ability to let you enjoy it safely with technologically advanced features make it the best in the class. 

Why is it different from other hoverboards? It has some unique selling propositions which make it stand out from others. 

Pros (Top Features) 

Learner and Expert rider modes 

Everybody loves to look cool going around on these dream machines. The learning mode enables almost anyone to control and learn in minutes. 

This mode will help you learn at your own pace. It’s not only meant for the yuppies but also every other person on the street can learn it easily. 

Once you understand the basics, you can switch to the expert rider mode. Pressing once activates the expert mode, and a second press initiates the learner’s mode. 

In learner mode, you will not be able to reach the top speed of the unit, and your turns will be slower. These restrictions mean better control for beginners. 

Solid rubber tires 

If you do not use it on very rough roads, these rubber tires are going to last for a long time giving you a smooth ride. 

Higher miles on a single charge 

After a full charge, they run for 12 miles comfortably. So, you will not be required to charge it at short intervals, and you can cover a larger area around you. 

LED Lights 

The lights look cool and help you to remain safe even in the dark. 

Acceptable weight capacity 

The capacity to carry a weight of 220 pounds is quite impressive. 

Although operating at a high weight range for prolonged periods may damage the unit, a higher range vouches for the strength of the machine and won’t let you down if you happen to use it with people with a high weight range. 

Long battery life 

3000 charging cycles provided you use the product as per the manual’s instructions. 


  • App control missing. The latest models are coming with the ability to control with Android or iOS apps. But such models are more expensive. 
  • Bluetooth speakers are missing. It may be a bit boring to ride without the speakers. But, today, you have myriad options to carry your stylish speakers or headphones. 
  • Limited color options. There are only two options. 
  • The higher the weight of the machine. If you need to carry it a lot, its higher weight of 30 pounds puts you down 
  • High minimum load requirement. A minimum load of 50lbs means that the Hoverboard may not respond to the light bodies of the kids. (1)

How Much is The Sharper Image Hoverboard? 

The Sharper Image Hoverboard is available for only $199.99 at (2)

In-Depth Specifications of the Sharper Image Hoverboard 

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Maximum Speed of sharper Image is 6.2 Miles Per Hour. In the learning mode, the top speed is lower. Whereas, in the expert mode, higher top speed is available. 


The Hoverboard has a maximum driving range of 14.9 miles. However, it depends on terrain, style of riding, and the total payload. The payload here is slightly more than 2 hours of the ride. 

Wheel Diameter 

The Hoverboard comes with large wheels of 6.5 inches 


The Hoverboard has a powerful motor, integrated Gyroscope, LED lights, Gyroscope. 

The self-balancing design makes sure that you do not fall as much. A high-quality gyroscope is a good feature for the kids and also saves your reputation. 

Battery and Charging Time 

4300 mAh 36V Lithium-ion battery with approx. Three thousand charging cycles with proper use. 

UL2272 certification 

A UL certification implies that UL has tested samples of this product, and it complies with the safety standard set by UL. 

It offers electrical and fire-safety testing and certification as per UL standard 2272. This standard is for self-balancing scooters. It thoroughly evaluates the battery, charger systems, and electrical drive system. 

UL certifies the Sharper Image hoverboard for 100% safety as per 2272. 


This self-balancing scooter or a dream walker from Sharper Image has quality features. 

The LED lights make the product look cool. In terms of safety, it is a desirable feature because people can even see you in dark conditions. The self-balancing quality is intuitive, and you learn it pretty quickly. 

The user-friendly features make the hoverboard ideal for anyone. Once you are satisfied with the safety aspects, you look for features like battery life, charging time, learning and expert modes, weight range, LED lights, etc. These aesthetic features make a lot of difference and decide who is the winner in the long run. 

Sharper Image Hoverboard – What Do People Say? 

PowerReviews Review Comparison 

Out of 553 reviews on the page of Hoverboards latest version, 431 users gave a ranking of 5 out of 5, and only 118 users reviewed at 4 out of 5. 

The review is very impressive. There are only four reviews in lower ranks. It means that 99% of users are almost satisfied with the quality of the product. 

Some of the reviews are so positive. Let us put a sight on them.

5-star Rating – Absolutely Loves It!!!!!! 

“My daughter received this unit as a Christmas gift, and she is in love with it. Her first time riding and she learned extremely fast as the controls are easy to use. It is still quite early to evaluate battery life, but it is an excellent product overall.” 

5 Star Rating – Quality product for the cost 

“As someone who is a beginner with hoverboards, the dual skill set option allows users to both assist balance with beginners and have the features that non-beginners prefer.” 


Is the product worth buying for you? 

With its good speed, zero turning radius, 250 pounds of weight, and other pro features, this is an ideal product for hoverboard enthusiasts. 

Considering all the factors weight, temperature, and payload and the surface, the Hoverboard will comfortably run for about 12 miles on a full charge, which does not take more than 90 minutes. 

It is an amazing hoverboard and that too at a value for money prices. Given the features, it is a bargain worth it. 

The sleek and minimalistic look with UL certification and powerful battery and motor with large wheels make this a product an easy ride. 

If you are not particular about music and flashing lights and want a product with sleek looks and easy rides, go for this Hoverboard.